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Education, Communication, Cooperation and Expectations in the Administrative Violation Process
December, 2015 - A simple breakdown of the administrative violation process from the TxDMV Enforcement Division, and the importance of keeping your mailing address current.
ECCE in the Administrative VIolation Process.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

TxDMV Compliance Checklist
December 2017 - The Enforcement Division knows that licensed dealers are interested in knowing if they are in compliance with current statutes and rules that are regulated by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. In an effort to further educate and assist licensed dealers, the Enforcement Division holds monthly dealer training seminars throughout the state of Texas to keep dealers up to date on any changes. The Enforcement Division has also developed a dealership checklist to assist both new and established dealers in conducting a self-audit to better ensure that their dealerships are in compliance.
TxDMV Compliance Checklist.pdf [DOWNLOAD]