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2015 Legislative Summary
September, 2015 - The status of key legislation TIADA worked on during the 84th Session, including HB 318, HB 335, HB 385, HB 2076, HB 2169, HB 2335, SB 441, and SB 1143.
2015 Legislative Summary.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2017 Dealer Survey
For the first time since 2014, we surveyed our deal members in order to better understand and represent them. Only through knowing your business needs and practices can the association effectively provide the services dealers want and advocate on their behalf. It was through asking these survey questions that TIADA staff were able to learn that information.
TIADA 2017 Member Survey.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

A Victory at the Legislature: TIADA Passes Mechanic's Lien Transferability Bill
October, 2015 - The eventful journey of and the heroes involved in the passing of HB 2076, which closes loopholes relating to mechanic's liens' superior status.
Victory at the Legislature.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Congressional Staff Report Reveals Sad Inner Workings of CFPB Fair Lending Attack on Dealer Compensation
March, 2016 - A breakdown of the House Committee on Financial Service's report on the CFPB's flawed basis in disparate impact, identification of indirect auto finance companies as ECOA "creditors", and use of BISG to proxy race and national origin.
Congressional Report on CFPB Fair Lending.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Dealerships Are at Growing Risk of the Latest Cybercrimes
November, 2016 - A breakdown of the risks cybercrimes present dealers, types of online banking scams, malware-aided information theft, data ransoms, and how to protect your dealership from all of these and more.
Cybercrimes Article.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Increase Online Reviews in 6 Simple Steps
May, 2017 - In this competitive business, one way to stand apart from other dealers is to encourage customers to leave reviews on the sites that matter most to their business. Follow these six tips, and you will see an increase in online reviews.
Online Reviews.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Is It Time to Recall Some of Your HR Policies?
July, 2017 - Factory recalls have become a fact of life for those who sell and drive vehicles. While the risks and potential harms pale in comparison to vehicle recalls, some employer policies should similarly be recalled and replaced.
HR Policies.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Keys to a Successful Business Partnership
February, 2017 - TIADA Treasurer Robert Beck gives advice on how to ensure a smooth and profitable partnership.
Business Partnership Keys.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Making the Most of Your CRM – 10 Untapped Approaches for Maximizing Your Investment
June, 2017 - Are you ready to take a long, hard look at your use of CRM? Let’s maximize your investment with these steps.
Making Most CRM.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Mystery Shop Your Sales Automation and Lead Nurture System to Increase Sales Now
January, 2017 - A look at how mystery shopping your own lead nurture system helps you improve your business.
Sales Automation and Lead Nurture Systems.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Ransomware Attacks Are on the Rise - How You can Protect Your Business
July, 2017 - Ransomware attacks, where hackers break into a company’s computer system and hold its files hostage, are on the rise, learn what you can do to prevent becoming a victim of these devastating attacks.
Ransomware Attacks.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

The Next Steps with Millennial Car Buyers
June, 2017 - The concept of marketing to Millennials has become a big hit in the auto industry, with concerns around how to market to them, understand their buying behavior, and retain them as customers. Here are four ways you can engage Millennials in today’s digital worlds to get ahead of your competition.
Next Steps Millennials.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Think you know your way around a credit report? Think again.
January, 2016 - How to read the Identity Scan, Fraud Alert, Public Records, Inquiries, Active Duty Military Alert, and Tradelines sections of a credit report to get the clearest picture of a customer's creditworthiness.
Credit Report.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Three Sure Fire Ways to Know if You're Neglecting Your Dealership's Accounting
July, 2017 - Dealers want to sell vehicles. Very few of you relish the accounting duties that are wrapped up in your business, and that’s completely understandable. But even when you delegate these important responsibilities to someone else, they shouldn’t remain mysterious to you.
Neglecting Accounting.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

TIADA Dealer Member Survey Results
January, 2015 - The results of the first TIADA dealer member survey.
Dealer Member Survey Results 2015.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Top 10 Practices for Preventing and Detecting Employee Theft in Dealerships
Ten helpful hints for identifying and stifling employee fraud.
Preventing_Detecting Employee Theft.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Use Debt to Increase Cash Flow
September, 2017 - In the life cycle of any auto dealership, there will be times when cash flow is tight. Dealers need strong banking and/or equity relationships that will extend credit to fill in the cash flow gaps.
Debt Cash Flow.pdf [DOWNLOAD]