TIADA designed and implemented the Dealer Education Portal to give dealers quality educational programs they can access on-demand throughout the year. These programs are essential for dealers to stay compliant. They offer flexibility, so you can complete them according to your schedule. These courses are designed for any dealers with questions related to various regulations that affect their businesses.

Complying with the Safeguards Rule

TIADA has designed an easy, quick, and affordable program that fulfills the FTC’s training requirements for the Safeguards and Privacy Rules of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act for all your employees. The program includes model Safeguards Policies and Agreements for your dealership at no additional charge. This course is also available in Spanish.

Repossession 101: What You Need to Know

In this video course, TIADA counsel Michael Dunagan answers repossession-related questions for both the dealer starting out and those dealers who want a refresher.

The Basics of Transferring Titles

This online course is designed to walk you through the title transfer process in Texas and is best suited for people new to transferring titles or those who want to brush up on the basics.

Conceptos Básicos en la Transferencia de Títulos

Este curso en línea está diseñado para guiarlo a través del proceso de transferencia de títulos en Texas y es un programa adecuado para personas nuevas a la transferencia de títulos o para aquellos que desean repasar los conceptos básicos..

The Deal Jacket

The Deal Jacket is the file the TxDMV, OCCC and the Comptroller will ask for when they conduct an exam or audit of your dealership so it’s important to make sure these documents are accurate. To know which documents are required, you can either rely on what some dealer at the auction told you, or you can do it the right way by taking this free course.

El Archivo del Cliente

El archivo del cliente contiene los documentos que el TxDMV, la OCCC y el Contralor solicitarán cuando realicen un examen o una auditoría de su concesionario, por lo que es importante asegurarse de que estos documentos sean los correctos. Para saber qué documentos se requieren, usted podría confiar en lo que otros dealers comentan en la subasta, o puede hacerlo de la manera correcta tomando este curso gratuito.