No one knows the industry like TIADA. We offer in-person seminars throughout the year meant to keep you up to date on the latest compliance issues, regulatory changes and best practices. The association’s professional development program is called the TIADA Dealer Academy, and our current offerings can be found below. You may also view the Calendar to see our complete list of offerings by date and location and the Education Sponsorship Media Kit for Sponsorship Details.

From Inventory Acquisition to Tracking Service Department Metrics: Getting and Selling the Right Vehicle Is the Bottom Line

This workshop is uniquely designed to cover the service department essentials that will increase your bottom line.

Keeping Your BHPH Dealership Legal and Compliant

This seminar from TIADA attorney Michael W. Dunagan is the final answer in BHPH compliance. Mike speaks dealer, and with 45 years of experience representing hundreds of BHPH dealers, he knows your business inside and out.

Fast Track Your Finances to Year-End and Beyond

LGT Dealer Services Group provides the weapons to get your BHPH and Retail-Used house in order.

Collect the Cash, Not the Car

Collect the Cash, Not the Car is designed to help you and your collection teams maximize your collection opportunities.