Auction App FAQs

TIADA Auction App Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TIADA Auction App? 

The Auction App is probably the most practical dealer benefit of belonging to TIADA! It offers coupons for great savings at auctions all over the state in the convenience of a mobile app. Coupons range from $75 to $250 off buy/sell fees. Special promotions and Bonus Coupons may be available throughout the year, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

How can I get an Auction App? 
If your dealership is a current member of TIADA, you qualify for an Auction App account. It’s just one of the many benefits of being a part of the association. Learn more about member benefits

Where can I use my coupons?
Don’t miss out! More than 45 auctions around Texas are currently participating in this program. Check out the complete list and the savings at each auction.

What if my dealership isn't located in Texas - can I still use the Auction App?
Absolutely! We have some dealer members from other states who travel to Texas auctions, and redeem their coupons onsite. Some coupons can be redeemed online through the Auction App. For more on coupon redemption see "How can I redeem my coupons at the auction?” and “Can I redeem my coupons online?

How many coupons do I receive?
With your Auction App, you receive one coupon for each of the participating auctions, and these are available throughout the year (January-December), one time use per auction. At the start of the new year, we send you a fresh batch of coupons straight to your app. Also, be sure to check your email for updates regarding special coupons (extra discounts). We drop them directly into your app at different times throughout the year. Helping our dealer members save is just one of the things we enjoy doing at TIADA.
How is it different from the paper version?
For starters, you don’t have to worry about losing your coupons. You can pull them up directly from your smartphone. Your Auction App is a shared account for your staff, which means your staff can go to different auctions on the same day and redeem a coupon at each of the participating auctions. Having it available on the smartphone also makes it easy for us to drop special coupons right in your App, which means additional savings for your dealership!

How can I redeem my coupons at the auction?
When you get ready to pay your fees, simply open the app and show the coupon to the auction personnel, so that they can click the REDEEM button, confirm, and apply the discount. If you’re not sure if your coupon is available, you can click on any coupon ONCE to check. If the coupon shows as ACTIVE, it’s still available. Make sure not to click on the button more than once; otherwise your coupon will be lost (and nobody wants that).

Does everyone at my dealership get their own Auction App account?
One Auction App account is available per TIADA dealer membership. If there are a few of you who go to the auctions from the same dealership, it’s up to the primary account holder to share their login information with staff. If it’s cool with them, it’s cool with us.

Can I redeem my coupons online?
Currently, most of the coupons available through the Auction App may be redeemed onsite at the auctions. However, some auctions on the app also offer an online option. Just look for “Online Auction Available” under each of the auction coupons.

What if I have more than one dealership? 
Give us a call and we’re happy to add additional locations to your membership for $275. With each additional lot you add, you receive an extra batch of coupons—and that translates to even more savings. Lots must have same owner.

I have multiple lots under my membership. How can I view my coupons for each lot? 
You can access your coupons for all of your lots under one account. 
What if I forgot my account login?
No worries, it happens. On the login page of the app, select “Forgot your password?” to reset your password. If you don’t receive an email, your Auction App account may be linked to a different email address. In that case, give us a call and we’ll help you get squared away.

Can I use my TIADA membership account to log in to the Auction App?
Nope, for security reasons your TIADA membership account and your Auction App account are separate accounts. To access your membership account, visit: 

For your Auction App account, you will need to create an account if your dealership doesn’t already have one. Once you download the app on your phone, select ‘Coupons’ to create a new account. Once your Auction App account is submitted, it goes through a quick approval process—then you can log in to start saving!

What version of the Auction App should I be using? 
Search for TXIADA in Google Play or the App Store. App download instructions.  

If I don’t use my coupons this year, can I use them next year?
Unfortunately, coupons cannot be transferred from one year to the next. The good news is that you have through the end of the year to use your coupons, and we encourage you to start taking advantage of the savings right away. Remember, using just a few coupons each year can cover the cost of membership. Check out just how much you can be saving with your member benefits.
I created an Auction App account, but can’t log in. What might be the problem?
There could be a few possible reasons. An account may already exist for your dealership. Or, if you just created an account, it may be that it’s in the process of being approved. When in doubt, give us a call and we’ll look into it for you.

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