From Inventory Acquisition to Tracking Service Department Metrics: Getting and Selling the Right Vehicle Is the Bottom Line

Presented by Brent Carmichael, Executive Conference Moderator, 20 Groups, NCM Associates, Inc.
(with special afternoon guest presenters, auction gurus Wayne Carey and Stacey Enterline and a Dealer Panel)

Dates and Locations TBD

This workshop is uniquely designed to cover the service department essentials that will increase your bottom line. It will include hands-on, interactive training that will allow you to inspect vehicles and learn exactly how to spot the most commonly overlooked types of vehicle damage. You will also find out how these practices are being implemented in various dealerships around the state.
Crowd favorite Brent Carmichael with NCM Associates will share his service knowledge during the morning session covering points that include:
Inventory acquisition
         o Step-by-step process
         o Internal vs. subletting
Finding/Hiring/Training Technicians
Tracking Metrics
Best practices from service department 20 groups 

In the afternoon we’ll roll up our sleeves and follow Wayne Carey and Stacey Enterline, two of the most knowledgeable guys in the nation with a combined 50+ years hands-on auction experience, as they share their insight on:
Identifying frame and structural damage – Actual walk around cars to demonstrate this!
Learning how to assess vehicle value
Arbitration Rules - Reviewing the NAAA Arbitration Chart
PSI - What is covered and what is not
Auction 101
        o Basic buying tips at auction
        o Online buying process and procedure
Wrap up the day with an interactive Q & A session with a panel of top dealers in Texas that will share how these practices are being implemented at their dealerships and walk you through their process of getting vehicles from the auction to the frontline.

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Registration - $249 TIADA Members, Each Additional $199 - must be from same dealership 
For more information or to register over the phone, please call the TIADA state office at 512.244.6060.


Dates and Locations TBD