Seminar Resources

This page contains all of the links included in TIADA's "How to Become An Independent Auto Dealer" online and classroom seminar. 

Section I - Getting Into Business

Floorplans - TIADA Vendor Directory, choose "Finance / Banking"
Fitness - Admin rule
Felony - Admin rule
Dealer Bonds - TIADA Vendor Directory, choose "Insurance"
Premises Requirements - Admin Rule
Dealer Application & Instruction Packet - for TxDMV
Texas Workforce Commission - Website
TWC - Posters for workplace

Section II - Selling A Vehicle

Dealer Agents - Admin rule
National Auto Auction Association - All about auctions
Acquiring Inventory - Smartphone app
Metal Dealer Plates - Admin rule 215.138 & 215.139
Dealer Temp Tag Rules - Admin rule
Temp Permits - Online resource
A Dealer's Guide to the Used Car Rule - from the FTC
Acceptable ID Types - for vehicles titled in Texas

Section III - Titles, Records and VIT

County Resources - TAC list, substations and more
webDealer - scroll down and select webDealer tab
Record Keeping Requirements - Admin rule
Record Keeping Requirements - Regulation Matters article
Dealer's Special Inventory - VIT guide from Comptroller

Section IV - OCCC, the Feds & More

OCCC - Online application portal
Motor Vehicle Installment Sales - Admin rule
NIADA Resource - federal rules online training for sale
Odometer Information - from NHTSA
A Dealer's Guide to the Used Car Rule - from the FTC
Form 8300 Cash Reporting - IRS resource
OFAC - Online resource

Equal Credit Opportunity Act - Reg B
Fair Credit Reporting Act - Wikipedia entry
Safeguards Rule - FTC resource
Privacy Rule - FTC resource
Red Flags Rule - FTC resource
Risk Based Pricing Rule - FTC resource
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act - U.S. DOJ resource
Do Not Call Registry - Online resource
Complete Advertising Rules - Admin rule