Associate Benefits

TIADA dealers ARE your target market. About 175 of TIADA’s 1,200 members are smart companies like yours; our associate members who understand the value of our demographic. And for just $499 annually you can join this elite group that proudly serves our dealer members. Your investment opportunities include…

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TIADA Conference & Expo Sponsorship

A whole lot of smart folks will tell you this is the best dealer conference in the country, bar none. Well, who are we to argue?

Advertising in the Texas Dealer Magazine

The best magazine, the best dealers…and the smartest advertisers.

Education Sponsorships

Get next to the top dealer education seminars in the state. Only 3 sponsors allowed per seminar, $1500 each. Typically sold out in advance, but hit us up for any openings.

Web Banner Advertising

Our unique visitors really ARE unique; unlike other websites, they are your exact target market.

Industry Email Banner Advertising

An open rate averaging over 40%. ‘Nuff said.

Direct Email Campaigns*

Your message sent directly from TIADA to our dealer members. Extremely limited and available exclusively to TIADA Business Partner companies.

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Associate members may also submit articles for potential publication in our magazine and/or industry email; submit proposals to present at our TIADA Conference & Expo; work with our Local Chapters to explore speaking opportunities; and apply to be a part of our Business Partner Program – all at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Your membership also includes...

Online Directory Listing

Your company featured on the TIADA website, the high-traffic resource where dealers search for vendors. (Dealers must be logged in)

Vendor Directory

Inclusion in the annual print version of the directory, featured in the Special Issue of the Texas Dealer magazine every year.

Texas Dealer Magazine

The premier industry publication in Texas, every month you’ll get it digital in your inbox and old-school paper in your mailbox.

Industry Email Update

We won’t leave you hanging. When it comes to breaking industry news, compliance changes, and the issues that matter to you & your dealers, we’ve got you covered.

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Not sold yet? Contact TIADA Director of Associate Member Relations Patty Huber at 512.244.6060 to be convinced.

Show me the other smart companies who are TIADA members (possibly including my competition).