Dealer Benefits

From the smallest mom-n-pop to the multi-lot big boys, over 1,400 licensed Texas dealers belong to TIADA - and there's always room for more. For just $499 annually, you can join the winning team.

What does that money get you? Check out the Savings Calculator to see how membership saves you money!

TIADA benefits include:

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Compliance Consultation Service

We have the answers, period. Ask about any legal, regulatory, or compliance issue and you’ll get the correct answer – fast. Directly or indirectly, we know everything.

TIADA Auction App

Money talks. TIADA members receive an average discount of $175* towards their buy or sell fee at major auctions across the state – over 45 total locations. Hit three auctions and your $499 dues are covered for the year and then some!

Powerful Connections

TIADA is fortunate to have a lot of friends in a lot of high places. From TxDMV to the tax office and most places in between, we can usually get a call returned when a lot of folks can’t.

Peer Pressure: the Good Kind

Membership means networking with and brain-picking the best dealers in the state. From the Members Forum to our Conference & Expo, TIADA is about successful dealers sharing solutions.


Get your knowledge on. We know you run a business in the real world, not some ivory tower. From our Conference & Expo to our classroom seminars to our online offerings, our learning is best-in-class.

Texas Dealer Magazine

The premier industry publication in Texas, every month you’ll get it digital in your inbox and old-school paper in your mailbox.


Who loves you, baby? Nobody does like TIADA. We are the ONLY ones protecting your industry at the Capitol in Austin. We sift through over 7000 bills every session to make sure you are not regulated out of business.

Knowledge Base

The brains of this operation, this searchable archive is loaded with resources you just can’t get anywhere else.

TIADA Conference & Expo

A whole lot of smart folks will tell you this is the best dealer conference in the country, bar none. Well, who are we to argue?

Industry Email Update

We won’t leave you hanging. When it comes to breaking industry news, compliance changes, license renewal and filing reminders, etc…we’ve got you covered.


Stand out from your competition and maximize your sales potential with the TIADA CPO Program.

You also get membership to the NIADA and local chapter as well as free registration to our bi-annual TIADA Day at the Capitol. Now, what is it going to take to get you into a TIADA membership today?

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*Auction coupons range from $75 to $250 off buy/sell fees. Additional bonus coupons of $25 to $100 are available throughout the year.