Repossession 101: What You Need to Know

This is a video course with Michael W. Dunagan, TIADA Counsel, author of Dealer Financing of Used Car Sales and Texas Automobile Repossession: A Lien Holder’s Legal Guide.

In this two-part video course TIADA counsel Michael Dunagan answers repossession related questions for both the dealer starting out and those dealers who want a refresher. Dunagan goes through the basics of self-help repossession, repossession when a client has filed bankruptcy, and using the courts to regain collateral through sequestration. The course also covers all the repossession letters and includes a downloadable deck of slides to follow along with the course.
Preliminary Considerations Before Repossession
When is a Customer Considered in Default
Avoiding Liability from Repossession
Types of Disposition
Required Notices to the Debtors
Handling Personal Property
Using the Courts to Get Your Car Back

Registration - $98 for two 1-hour videos

Course expires 30 days after purchase.