Taking an RV or Trailer on Trade-In

The association received great feedback on last week's blog post about accepting motorcycles as trade-ins. To follow up, this post addresses accepting trailers or motorhomes as trade-ins. 

As a general matter, a dealer may accept a travel trailer or a motorhome as a trade-in. However, unless that dealer has a license from TxDMV that allows for the retail sale of travel trailers, then that dealer CANNOT sell the travel trailer on their lot. In this situation, the dealer may sell the travel trailer to another dealer who possesses the required dealer license or sell it at a wholesale auction. Conversely, independent dealers may buy, sell or trade a motorhome. 

For more information, reach out to the Texas Recreational Vehicle Association, 512-327-4514. TxDMV Licensing Division is another resource,, 888-368-4689. 


By: David Knighten
On: 11/22/2017 17:22:26
Some clarification may be in is my understanding that you may buy, sell, trade a motor home to or from a retail customer if you posses a used car GDN in Texas. cannot sell a camper/travel trailer retail..only to a licensed wholesale camper dealer.

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