Titling a Vehicle in the Name of an Entity

What happens when your customer wants to title a newly purchased vehicle in the name of their business? Or, in the name of their non-business organization? The solution is simple: it boils down to which identification will be recorded on all title transfer forms. 

Completing the 130-U

When a vehicle is to be titled in the name of an entity, the buyer may choose what ID information will be included on the 130-U title application form. The buyer may select either their own personal ID information, or they may select the EIN/FEIN of the business. One or the other must be entered on the 130-U.
Dealer Procedure

In order to apply for title in the name of an entity, you will need two items from your customer to meet the ID requirements:
  1. Acceptable Photo ID – this is the personal identification (such as a driver's license; acceptable forms of identification are listed at of the person who is making the purchase on behalf of the entity.
  2. Authorization to Sign – this is an item that ties the person in the photo ID to the entity. This may be:
  • a letter of authorization on official letterhead; or
  • an official business card with the employer and the employee's name. 
If the buyer has chosen to have his or her own personal ID information captured on the 130-U, then no other steps are necessary.
A copy of each of the items above should be retained in the deal jacket.


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