How Can You Confirm That Your Out-Of-State Lien Was Recorded?

There are times when a customer moves to another state. Rarer still, there are times when a customer moves to another state and actually notifies the lienholder of the move and requests that the vehicle be registered in the new state. In such a situation, it is critical that your lien be perfected with the new state's motor vehicle division. The following is a snapshot of a few neighboring states' lien recording requirements:

In order to register the vehicle, the applicant must present one of the following as proof that the title is held by the lienholder:
  • A non-negotiable copy of the out-of-state title showing a lien. This can be either the owner's copy or a photocopy furnished to him by the lienholder. All photocopies must have "COPY" written across the face of the title if a copy of the original title is submitted, OR
  • A valid registration certificate indicating owner and lien information, OR
  • A letter from the Motor Vehicle authority of the state which issued the title confirming the name of the owner, lien information and description of the vehicle, OR
  • A copy of the "title application" filed in another state when that copy indicates that there is a lien and when that copy is validated by a Motor Vehicle or Revenue employee.
  • EXCLUSION: Mississippi title applications are excluded as these are merely prepared by a dealer and have not necessarily been filed with the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Department.
  • Applicants who are transferring vehicles from states that utilize Electronic Lien must submit one of the documents listed above. 
The Motor Vehicle Division is the office of record for all vehicle/boat/outboard motor lien entries and releases. The Division's Lien Section may be reached at (405) 521-3535. Most lien entry and release transactions may be completed at any motor license agency.
  • To record a security interest on a newly purchased vehicle or a vehicle changing ownership, a secured party must complete and submit an Oklahoma lien entry form along with the assigned Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (new vehicle) or title (used vehicle) and the lien filing fee of $10.00 plus $1.50 mailing fee to the Oklahoma Tax Commission or any motor license agent. The lien will be processed and the appropriate forms returned to the secured party. The secured party will return the appropriate documents to the debtor with a notice to title and register the vehicle within thirty (30) days. Upon payment of all applicable transfer taxes and fees, an Oklahoma title will be issued to the record owner, reflecting the perfected lien.
  • The above lien filing procedure also applies when a lien is being perfected on a vehicle that is not changing ownership. The lien filing fee is $10.00, in addition to the title fee of $11.00 ($2.25 boats/outboard motors and $1.50 mailing fee). A new Oklahoma title reflecting the perfected lien will be issued to the record owner.
  • For vehicles entering Oklahoma from another state, any lien reflected on the out of state documentation will be carried forward to the Oklahoma title record. An Oklahoma lien entry form will be prepared and sent to the lender. The fee for processing such a lien is $13.00 (rather than the $10.00 fee referenced above).
  • Out of State Lenders: Refer to Out of State Lender Letter in the Forms section of the Oklahoma MVD site for downloadable instructions concerning the above procedure. 
If a vehicle is currently titled in another state and there is a lien on it, the Motor Vehicle Division must order the vehicle title from the lienholder. The customer will need to provide the MVD with the name and address of the lien holder. The MVD will send a Request for Lienholder Title and Temporary Authorization to Operate Vehicle/Vessel, MVD Form 10234, to the lien holder. It is strongly suggested that the lien holder return this form via certified mail, return receipt requested, or by another method that provides documentation of receipt. 


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