Remember These Guidelines to Stay Safe at Auctions

Most dealers have attended so many auctions in their career they could not even count them. However, this familiarity can lead attendees to be less mindful of their surroundings and lead to dangerous consequences.

It is easy to be distracted by the buzz of activity that happens during an auction and forget or ignore safety guidelines. When large crowds full of distracted people combine with moving vehicles it can lead to injuries or even, tragically, fatalities.

Recently we spoke with Rich Levene of ADESA Austin regarding auction safety. He said keeping dealers safe is their top priority each and every day. Part of keeping people safe is working with them to remind them of safety guidelines that too often are either forgotten or ignored. Here, we share some of the auction safety guidelines that Levene emphasized will help ensure dealers always return home safe. 

Safety Guidelines
  • Never distract or interfere with a driver or vehicle.
  • Lines on the floor designate auction lanes. Please stand outside the lanes.
  • Always make sure you have eye contact with the driver when crossing lanes or walking in front of a stopped vehicle.
  • Never walk in front of moving vehicle and use designated walkways when possible.
  • Use swinging doors to enter and exit arena if available. Avoid walking through the overhead doors.
  • Do not open the hood or ask our employees to rev an engine.
  • Do not stoop in front of or behind a vehicle where you are not visible to the driver.
  • Do not get into a sale vehicle to “catch a ride.”
  • Test drive vehicles in a designated area only, if allowed.
  • Let an employee or manager know if you see any unsafe practices on the lot.
Following these guidelines will help attendees avoid serious injury or death. 


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