Odometer Fraud - What Should You Do if You Have One of These Vehicles?

TIADA recently wrote about a massive odometer rollback fraud that the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) uncovered this summer. Many dealers asked how they could identify vehicles that are caught in this scandal.

TxDMV publishes a document on its website that includes the VIN, year, and make of vehicles suspected of odometer tampering. TxDMV updates this list as often as practicable.  It was most recently updated on July 26, 2017.
The list is formatted as a downloadable PDF. To search for a specific VIN, open the document, press CTRL+S, then type the VIN into the search box that appears. Press ENTER.
If you discover that a vehicle on your lot is suspected of having its odometer tampered, do not panic. TxDMV Enforcement states that dealers will not be held liable for unknowingly selling a vehicle that appears on the list of vehicles suspected of odometer tampering. You very likely will have an angry customer on your hands, however. Dealers will want to notify their customers if (1) a recently purchased vehicle appears on the list, or (2) a vehicle which the customer wants to buy is on the list.
As additional protection, consider reviewing the list of vehicles suspected of odometer tampering prior to bidding on a vehicle at auction. To learn more about odometer fraud, check out the TxDMV website.


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