TxDMV: Top 3 Reasons for License Application Delays

By TxDMV Staff

This March the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) launched eLICENSING, a new online self-service hub that replaces the old paper-based system for processing license applications and renewals for motor vehicle dealers, salvage dealers and other industry licensees. Licensees now have 24 hour online access to licensing information that previously was available only by mailing, calling or visiting a state office.
eLICENSING allows TxDMV to provide faster approvals of new licenses and renewals, and allows industry licensees to submit license applications and payments online.
To date, 7,788 applications have been submitted via eLICENSING. Based on the interactions of these users with the new eLICENSING system, we have identified some common items that can cause delays in the approval of your application. Below are the top three, most frequently occurring application issues along with some guidance on how you can avoid these delays.

1. Problems with the bond. All GDN types except trailers and travel trailers require a $25,000 surety bond. To avoid problems with your bond:
  • Sign your bond. This is by far the biggest application approval delay.
  • Make sure that you list your business name on the bond, not the DBA. Sole proprietors or general partnerships often mistakenly list the DBA instead of the legal business name. For a Sole Proprietor, the business name is the owner's full legal name. General partnerships need to list all the partner names as the business name.
  • Include a Power of Attorney (POA) from the bond company. The POA must list the bonding company representative who signed the bond.
  • Check the bond dates. The bond must be issued for at least two years, and expire on the last day of the month.
  • Be sure to submit a new bond with a renewal, rather than resubmitting the current one.
  • If you submit an amendment to add a location or change your address within the same city, don't forget to submit a bond rider to reflect those changes. 
2. Expired DBA certificate 
  • The certificate must be current for your application to be approved. For sole proprietors and general partnerships, the certificate must be issued by the county. For all others, the certificate is issued by the Texas Secretary of State. 
3. Failure to certify the application
  • The new eLICENSING system allows for an electronic signature if you have a Texas driver license. However, if an error occurs with system authentication you will be asked to print the Certification of Responsibility, sign it, and scan and upload it to complete your application. A signature on a blank piece of paper cannot be accepted in lieu of the printed certification. 
Should you need further support or clarification, please review information available on the web at or contact TxDMV at 888-368-4689.


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