Vehicle Safety Inspections: Should Texas Eliminate Them?

State Representative Ron Simmons (R - Carrollton) and State Senator Don Huffines (R - Dallas) have both introduced bills, HB 3995 and SB 1588 respectively, that would eliminate the requirement for an annual state vehicle inspection.

We asked you whether you supported these bills in a poll in TIADA's weekly email. According to the results, nearly 70% of respondents favored getting rid of the inspections. 

Additionally, we also received several emails, both for and against the legislation. Below is a sample of the different opinions members shared with us. What do you think? Should Texas get rid of the state vehicle inspection? Let us know in the comments!

The state inspection allows business to get people in the door. For a dealer with a service department, it's not about the State inspection as it is the things you can find once they come in. Need oil changes, tires, windshield wiper blades. By eliminating the state inspection will cost millions for the state and service departments for dealers. As a small dealer with a service department, it brings in thousand a month. 
Bonham, Texas
This topic is really not a yes or no question. The revenue the state will loose and the safety factor for other motorists should be considered. The question should be how do we revamp the process of state inspections?
Gatesville, Texas
Please do everything you can to get rid of the state inspection problem!
Victoria, Texas  



By: Taylor Hicken
On: 06/07/2017 12:27:00
My husband has been talking about taking in our car to get an inspection, but he just hasn't done it yet. We're hoping that we can get it checked before we leave on vacation in two weeks. I'll probably have to help my husband find an inspection place first.

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