INDEPAC Bats 1.000 in 2016

Since the primary election, TIADA supported 19 different legislators with INDEPAC contributions and all of them will be coming to Austin in January. A more detailed look shows the association supported four senators, two Republicans and two Democrats; and fifteen people vying for a house seat,  11 Republicans and four Democrats. 
Later this month we will help retire the debt of some other candidates who will also be heading to Austin for the 85th Regular Session and share our philosophical positions.

Whether you attended a fundraiser with our legislative team this year or simply contributed to INDEPAC you are helping to grow your political influence and your voice is being heard. Special thanks to these donors who helped INDEPAC raise over $34,000 in 2016.

Your next opportunity to get involved is during the TIADA Lobby Day. Join us January 31 in Austin, Texas. Register today so we can help set meetings between you and your representatives.  

LINK: Lobby Day Registration 


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