Ad Spending in the Fall - Now Is Not the Time to Take Your Foot Off the Gas Pedal

By Guest Blogger Andy MacLeay

It's like clockwork—the summer season comes and goes too fast, with things around the office being a little less hectic, then suddenly it's a check back to reality with the holidays soon upon us.

Fall ad spend takes a similar approach, as brands and marketers take it slower following the back-toschool period to ultimately prepare for the rush of the holiday season. Even with the slowdown, there are plenty of opportunities for marketers to capitalize on fall spending and a number of events that will capture the attention of consumers across the country. Ad prices may be up this fall but marketers, dealerships and OEMs have a golden opportunity to be profitable as a result of effective ad spending.
The ad market for auto dealers this fall is ripe with events that will capture the majority of the American viewing public. The momentum following the Rio Olympics have carried over into the NFL and college football season, the presidential election completely dominating the news and ads, and the fall TV lineup has everyone watching shows either live or on their DVRs. The summer showed significant momentum in the car buying space, and fall is a great time to keep your foot on the marketing pedal heading into the holidays.

For dealers, the traditional ad route may be too crowded and expensive to move forward with. As an alternative, dealers can explore two cost effective advertising approaches that could generate additional buzz and potential buyers. The first is a digital ad campaign that targets shoppers in your market with a history of searching for your products. With an online strategy, ad dollars are spent targeting customers on every relevant page rather than with a 30-second spot in the middle of a major event where the commercial may not even be seen by the right audience.

Similarly, display ads are another good way to spend online and potentially get immediate results. In the car dealership industry, display ads generate high-quality shopper demand with inventory ads for potential buyers everywhere they travel online. Display ads can create additional demand from individuals that are on the fence about a car purchase and then make a decision to buy when they are presented with a good fit.

This fall, there is an incredible opportunity to capture audiences both in traditional and online advertising. The triple threat of the presidential campaign, fall sports and the new primetime TV lineup has almost every consumer in the country consuming some form of media on a daily basis. Now is the time for dealers to capitalize on these new and returning viewers and get customers in the door.

Overall, fall may feel like the time of year where advertisers can lay low following summer shopping sprees and leading up to the holidays, but with the election, sports, and new TV shows front and center, it is an optimal time to both maximize those seasonal advertising dollars and use them in an effective and impactful matter. If traditional ad spends are beyond your budget, going the online route is an excellent alternative that could provide better results and dividends.

Andy MacLeay is Director of Digital Marketing – Advertising at


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