Zombie Car Left at Dealership

When operating an independent auto dealership, cars come, cars go.....but what about those cars that stay? What about that customer prospect that pulls up to your lot in a vehicle, then takes a test drive and never comes back? Or that girlfriend or boyfriend that borrows a car from a friend for some reason parks it at your dealership to look at a car, only to leave in an suspicious old van? This is not a rare Friday the 13th type occurrence, but happens more than you think.
We have had more than one dealer have to deal with unwanted overnight visitors.  So what if the that vehicle is not one of your cars to handle? Be careful, because you don't want to have the actual owner or their attorney "Scream" at you. 

Don't touch or move the vehicle as you may be in for a fright regarding unknown ownership or title rights. Don't lock their vehicle up because they took your vehicle on an "extended" test driver, contact the police and treat it as an abandoned vehicle.  You know just like you would if you found a vehicle at night, in the woods, alone. You should probably call the police to report the vehicle as abandoned. Just make sure your phone line works or that your phone battery is charged. If would be very unfortunate if you couldn't get through to the authorities when you really need them.  Happy Halloween.


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