Lienholder on Title or Additional Insured on the Insurance Policy?

Just because you are recorded as lienholder on the title, does not grant you any contract rights or otherwise allow you to make claims, inquiries, or possibly receive claim settlement proceeds relating to a customer's insurance policy.

Insurance policies are traditionally governed by contract. The dealer must get recorded on that contract to have standing or they will otherwise be required to “hope” the customer is diligent to deal with making claims and timely responding to the insurance company.  Many dealers will confirm this is usually wishful thinking.   
If properly listed on the insurance policy's declarations, a lienholder, additional interest, or loss payee listed on a customer's insurance policy will receive notification of changes to their personal automobile insurance policy. A copy of the declaration and/or any policy status forms should be mailed to those listed parties. So if your customer changes their coverages, lowers coverage from full coverage to liability only, or is cancelled, the lienholder will be informed.


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