Out of State Title Transfer

Out of state procedures differ slightly from the norm when a dealer sells a vehicle that will be leaving the state.  Handling titles, e-Tags, and taxes can be confusing, but dealers can benefit from learning to recognize the differences and train employees to handle these matters accordingly.

For retail out of state sales:
  1. Collect the MV tax or get the Comptroller's exemption form 14-312 signed.
  2. Obtain the same ID you require for in state sales.
  3. Give the title paperwork to the buyer within 20 working days.
  4. For a retail sale, issue a buyer's tag and collect the $5 e-tag fee.
The first requirement is to obtain identification of the individual who is buying the vehicle.  The identification must be the same identification you require for Texas in-state sales and may consist of a driver's license issued by a U.S. state, U.S. or foreign passport, military ID, NATO ID, DHS ID, US Immigration ID, Status of Forces ID, or Department of State ID.  It is important to make a copy of the document to be kept in the records of the dealer.

The second requirement is to complete the Texas Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Vehicles Taken Out of State Form 14-312 issued by the Texas Comptroller.  It is to be completed when the vehicle is going to another state.  Note the new form and requirements printed on it and send a copy of the completed form to the Comptroller and tell the buyer that you are doing so.

The dealer should issue a buyer's tag and collect the $5 e-Tag fee. Finally, the dealer must provide the title and related paperwork to the buyer within 20 working days.  For a wholesale transaction, inform your buyer he needs tag from his home state if he plans on driving the vehicle back rather than being shipped back. A copy of the front and back of the stamped title, the Comptroller's form, and the buyer's identification document are all required to be kept in the dealer's sales file.  


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