Optional Registration Fees Go into Effect in Certain Counties

Effecting as of January 1, 2019, Dallas County is now charging a new Child Safety Fee on each motor vehicle registration and renewal. This fee is used to pay school crossing guards and fund other safety programs. 

The Commissioners Court in Dallas County recently voted to add $3.00 for a new motor vehicle sold on an MCO/MSO and $1.50 for a used vehicle, effective January 1, 2019. Pursuant to the Texas Transportation Code 502.401, the commissioners court of a county may impose optional fees for registering a motor vehicle such as:
  1. Optional County Fee for Road and Bridge Fund—up to $10.00
  2. Optional County Fee for Transportation Projects for certain counties—up to $l0.00
  3. Optional County Fee for Child Safety for certain counties—no less than $0.50 or more than $1.50
If the county commissioners elect to add an optional registration fee such as the Child Safety Fee for 2019 going forward, the additional registration fee is not due for a vehicle sold in December 2018. For a motor vehicle sold after January 1, 2019, in Dallas County, and going forward, the Child Safety Fee applies.

Please verify if the county of registration has added any optional registration fees for 2019 in your county prior to completing the documentation.


By: Eddie Massey
On: 01/17/2019 10:45:05
Just checked and McLennan County has NO new fees for 2019

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