Where Do You Rank in Vehicles Sold?

Think you are a little dealer? Big dealer? Somewhere in between? TIADA has been provided data on how many vehicles are sold and transferred by all Texas independent dealers in a given year. Keeping in mind your annual volume, and the fact that there are roughly 14,000 licensed independent dealers in Texas, where do you think you rank?

Top 1
% ? Top 10%? Maybe Top 50%? Find out below.

Find your annual vehicle sales volume on the left, and find your ranking to the right*. For example, if you sell 150 vehicles per year, you are in the top 13% of all Texas independent dealers by vehicle sales volume.

Annual Vehicle Sales                           Ranking*

1000                                                       Top .5%
500                                                         Top 3%
300                                                         Top 4%
150                                                         Top 13%
100                                                         Top 20%
60                                                           Top 30%
30                                                           Top 50%

* Rankings based on data provided by Cross-Sell for a specific reporting period. Data measures number of vehicles registered in Texas by independent dealers as reported by counties and compiled by DPS. Rankings are estimates based on the aggregated data provided per dealership.
Interesting, isn't it? That means that 50% of licensed independent dealers in Texas sell fewer than 2.5 cars per month, on average. TIADA Members make up almost 70% of all vehicles sold in Texas by independent automobile dealers.


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