Doc Fee Increases to $150

Doc Fee Safe Harbor of $150 Available June 1 — NOTIFICATION REQUIRED 

As of June 1, dealers are now able to charge a doc fee of up to $150, provided notice is made to the OCCC for EACH of your locations. The OCCC's Doc Fee Bulletin provides more details. You may file for the increase now; however, TIADA highly recommends you wait until the OCCC's online filing system ALECS becomes available to make the filing, expected to be on or about June 10.
The reason is that if you file a doc fee increase prior to the ALECS system becoming available for that purpose, the agency will require RE-FILING by the dealer to the ALECS system once it becomes available.

TIADA is working with the agency to determine why on earth such a re-filing would be necessary; however, that is the OCCC's current position. Contact TIADA at 512.244.6060 or with any questions. 


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