Tips for Spotting Document Fraud

Fraud impacts every Texas auto dealer. Potential customers show up with everything from fake IDs to counterfeit pay stubs to fabricated utility bills and much more! Now that stealing a car using a key is close to impossible, thieves have turned to “stealing” vehicles on the front end through auto financing. At this year's TIADA Annual Conference and Expo, representatives from Houston Police Department shared tips on how to spot document fraud with dealers at one of the most popular sessions. In this special blog post from HPD's Darren Schlosser, we revisit some of those tips.  

EXAMPLE: Fraudulent Documents

These four documents show the discrepancies between the three provided paycheck stubs and the monthly income on the credit application. The highlighted areas should be “red flags” for someone reviewing the documents prior to financing. Some tips for validating this information include:

1. The totals on the PDF do not reflect the salary he is claiming
2. The dates for the pay stubs are very inconsistent, not bi-weekly or monthly
3. Two of the checks have the same “Advice number"
4. Several different fonts are used for the name, company name and other areas. Usually, fonts are consistent on documents.

These are just some easy things to spot. Dealers must remember to pay attention to small details.

- Darren Schlosser, HPD


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