TIADA Launches Portal to Dispute Fraudulent Toll Charges

Many dealers reach out to TIADA for help resolving a common and frustrating problem: fraudulent toll charges. Thieves will photograph and replicate a dealer agent tag to use on various toll roads across the state. Contesting these erroneous charges is often a time intensive and confusing process. That's why TIADA created the Toll Charge Complaint Form to make it easier for dealers. 

This portal will allow dealers to report fraudulent charges quickly and easily. Simply fill out the form and proved as much detail as possible. Once TIADA receives the complaint, it will be routed to a dedicated staff member at the appropriate toll agency. That agency staff member will contact the dealer in order to help resolve the issue.

In addition to this portal, TIADA recommends the following steps to help reduce your exposure to this type of crime:
  • Make sure that you are the only person who can access your eTag User ID.
  • You can create sub-user IDs within your eTag account. This way, you know exactly who created an eTag that has been copied without authorization.
  • Print only the number of eTags that you need.
  • Void out any tags that you put on vehicles that are going to the auction.
  • Make sure that your employees remove the paper tags once the cars arrive at auction, just in case someone forgets to void the eTag online.
  • Assign expiration dates to all dealer agent tags.
  • Review all dealer agent tags that you provide to your employees on a weekly basis.
  • If you discover an issue, access the eTag system and immediately void any compromised tags.
  • Notify TXDMV as soon as you discover an issue.
  • Notify law enforcement, either your local police or the police in the area where the toll charges arose, the moment you receive a toll bill that has improper charges.
    • Give the date of the first improper toll unless the toll charge is for an eTag that you previously voided. In that case, give the date that you voided the eTag.
    • Request a report number, incident number, or some other indication.
A dealer can do everything right and still have his or her eTags stolen. However, with this new Toll Charge Complaint Form, fighting back against these thieves has become easier.

LINK: Toll Charge Complaint Form


By: David Gregg
On: 08/16/2018 17:58:52
Now we need a way to catch them not mailing out invoices and then sending out past due invoices.
By: David zhang
On: 08/17/2018 02:43:13
Unfortunately the perpetrators are mainly our fellow dealers, received a bill from ntta for over $1500. The same tag was seen on over 20 different vehicles, and yes it’s expired and yes it’s been voided. The ntta does not care if the tag is current. Majority of the consumers are not brave enough to steal, take, replicate agent tags bc they don’t know enough, in other words they are too afraid to. Dealers that know and do not want to pay tolls are the ones leading the charge. It’s a inside job.

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