Can You Sell a Vehicle to Somebody Under 18?

In Texas, there is no age restriction in place for individuals wanting to be recorded on the title and registration as the owner of a vehicle. However, many dealers and car insurance companies prefer not sell or insure a buyer who is still a minor (under 18 years of age) because of the legal ramifications it creates. This blog post examines some of those ramifications and what a dealer should know before he or she sells to a minor.  

A minor has the right to enter into a contract (both verbal and written); however, in most states the minor may void a contract before they reach the age of 18. A dealer selling to a 17-year-old will often request that a parent or guardian sign on the bill of sale and other contractual paperwork. Doing this makes the adult who signed on the contract bound to the contract terms, even if the minor is not.
In general, know that a minor can purchase a car but there are some risks. 


By: BRENT Rhodes
On: 08/14/2018 18:38:45
You state that “Additionally, car dealers in Texas cannot register a vehicle in a customer's name without proof of insurance. If a buyer cannot secure liability insurance, then the best a car dealer can do is apply for the title only.” This is false I believe. Car dealers are NOT required to obtain proof of insurance from the buyer when selling a vehicle.
By: Cathern
On: 12/05/2018 00:58:22
It's hard to find experienced people on this subject, but you sound like you know what you're talking about! Thanks
By: Benjamin Gilbert
On: 04/08/2020 21:52:38
So, I'm currently 15 living in West Austin. Should I wait until I'm 16 or 17 to buy/lease/rent my first car?
On: 04/09/2020 18:00:05
Brent, you are correct, we have removed that portion of the blog. Thanks for the comment.
On: 04/09/2020 18:02:53
Glad to see you shopping for a vehicle. Buying a vehicle shouldn't be a problem. If you are going to lease, rent or finance the vehicle most automobile dealers will require someone over 18 to co-sign.

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