Mobile: More Than Just A Device

By Owen Moon
Dealer Accelerator

Mobile has become much more than just a device. Today, more than ever consumers are turning to their smartphones, iPads, and Tablets to do one thing – access the internet! People are using their mobile devices twice as much today compared to a couple years ago. Why does this matter? Whether they're checking their email, looking at Facebook, or even shopping for a vehicle consumers expect that their mobile online experience will be easy and efficient.

Check out some of these relevant automotive mobile statistics:
  • 48% of all searches for car dealers are now coming from mobile devices.
  • 68% of shoppers check the price of other cars while on your lot.
  • 72% of all digital marketing by 2019 will be a mobile strategy. 
So, what does this mean for your dealership? First, it means your website needs to be mobile friendly or even better, have a responsive design. This also means that every aspect of your website including any 3rd party plug-ins like chat, loan applications, rebates & incentives, even new and used vehicle specials need to integrate seamlessly so the consumer doesn't even notice you are using a partner. For example, what if a serious buyer is interested in one of your vehicles and wants to learn more about their financing options? If they can't access this area of your website on their mobile device because your plug-in isn't mobile friendly they will simply leave your site and go where they can easily get this information.
Next, you should continue to look for opportunities to get your message in front of serious car buyers who are on the go. The world has gone mobile and dealerships need to adapt or fall behind. Every day less people are engaging with traditional sources like television, radio, and newspaper. The challenge for mobile has always been how to reach the right consumers. With so many mobile impressions available, using new technology like GPS targeting can help your dealership now reach the right customers at the right time with a relevant message that will help engage and create action. Almost 90% of all consumer mobile internet usage is now being done through mobile apps. With the average person using mobile apps 16x per day and as many as 27 different apps this a strategy that should be given serious consideration. Especially if you can target a specific audience with a relevant message.
Today, mobile is more than just a device. It's the new normal how people live their lives, interact with each other, and yes even shop for vehicles. Embrace it and win the business when serious car buyers are at their final buying moments!

Owen Moon is the Executive Director with Dealer Accelerator. He will be a featured presenter at the 2018 TIADA Annual Conference & Expo in Dallas, July 29 -31. REGISTER TODAY in order to catch his presentation as well as over 25 hours of quality education sessions from the industry's top experts. 


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