Dealer Deputy - What Is It and How to Become One

A dealer deputy is a licensed auto dealer who a county tax assessor-collector has deputized to provide vehicle titling and registration services, with the same authority as that of the county tax office.

A dealer deputy holds inventory and assigns license plates and stickers through webDEALER.  Importantly, a dealer deputy may charge a Title Convenience Fee of up to $10.00 (with county approval) and retain $1.00 of the Process and Handling Fee. Unless otherwise authorized, a dealer deputy may only provide titling and initial registration services for those transactions in which the dealer deputy purchased, sold or exchanged a vehicle.

How Does One Become a Dealer Deputy?
There are several steps to take before serving as a dealer deputy:
  •  A licensed dealer must follow the application process as set out by the county tax assessor-collector
  • A dealer must post a bond, payable to the county tax assessor-collector, in an amount determined by that office
  • A dealer must be trained to perform motor vehicle title and registration services
  • Once approved to serve as a dealer deputy, a dealer will keep a separate accounting of fees collected and remitted to the county, and a record of daily receipts 
For more information, reach out to your local tax assessor's Motor Vehicle Division or contact the state office via our Compliance Consultation Service.


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