Child Support Holds on Registration Renewals

In this blog post, we answer a question from a TIADA member posed through the Compliance Consultation Service about a customer who could not renew his registration due to back child support. 

Question: I have a customer who owes back child support. He cannot renew the registration on his vehicle. What can I do to help?
Answer: The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles can deny motor vehicle registration renewals of parents who have gone at least six months without making a child support payment. This is codified in the Texas Family Code, § 232.002. Parents are notified of this possibility in the registration renewal notice that is sent 45-60 days prior to their registration expiration date.
Importantly, parents have the opportunity to arrange a payment plan with the Office of the Attorney General and make a payment toward that plan. Taking these actions will permit TxDMV to process the parent's motor vehicle registration renewal.
Parents do not have to pay off the total amount of delinquent child support to have the registration renewal hold released. Also, this process does not apply to the registration of newly purchased vehicles. Finally, this process does not apply to jointly owned vehicles if someone to whom the vehicle is registered does not owe back child support.
For more information visit the Texas Attorney General website.


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