Unleashed Mayhem: Dogs Cause Havoc at G Motors, Harris County, Texas

In a bizarre turn of events, G Motors, a car dealership in northwest Harris County, Texas, has fallen victim to a series of destructive incidents orchestrated by an unexpected duo: two dogs on a rampage. The surveillance video captures a chilling scene, with the canines tearing apart vehicles and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

The unsettling footage reveals the dogs ruthlessly dismantling bumpers and fenders in three separate overnight incidents that occurred between November 6 and 18. Sales manager Gaby Fakhoury expressed disbelief at the extent of the damage, estimating that the ordeal will cost the dealership between $100,000 to $350,000.
The initial assumption was that a "wolf" might be responsible for the havoc, as recounted by finance manager Imran Haq. However, a review of the footage shattered this belief, revealing that two seemingly ordinary dogs were the culprits.


Fakhoury shared his astonishment, stating, "You just never think a dog has the kind of power to tear up a car like that."
The first incident, captured on video, showed a cat on the premises, leading employees to speculate that the dogs might have been pursuing it. Despite this, the dealership's staff now faces a daunting reality, with Fakhoury expressing their collective fear, "Nobody wants to leave their cars anymore. They want to make sure they get straight into the office. They're so scared."
The concern extends beyond the immediate impact on the dealership's property. Fakhoury worries that customers may soon share the same apprehension, potentially causing a decline in business.
G Motors has taken the matter to the Houston Police Department, filing reports detailing the peculiar case. However, officers have categorized it as a civil matter, asserting their inability to intervene unless the dogs cause harm to a person. Finance manager Haq expressed their frustration, stating, "They are saying they cannot do anything until these dogs hurt someone."
In response, the department suggested that the dealership hire a private investigator to identify the dogs' owner, if there is one, and pursue legal action. Fakhoury emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, "We don't want to wait until someone really gets hurt."
Despite the presence of a fence surrounding the dealership, employees believe that the dogs may have found their way in through a narrow gap. To mitigate future risks, G Motors is taking proactive measures by relocating to a new location next month.
Houston police advise businesses in similar predicaments to "target-harden," making their properties as difficult to access as possible. As G Motors navigates this peculiar challenge, the incident serves as a stark reminder that even the most unexpected circumstances can pose threats to business operations and customer confidence.


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