Empowering Texas Dealers: TIADA Hits the Road this Fall

TIADA is gearing up for an engaging series of town hall meetings across the state. With sessions planned in Corpus Christi on October 18, Donna on October 19, Abilene on November 7, and Arlington on November 7, TIADA is all set to address the unique challenges faced by dealerships at the regional level. The dealers-only meetings offer a unique opportunity for dealers to voice their concerns, especially about legislative and policy issues that affect their businesses every day.

Connecting Communities

TIADA's decision to go on the road stems from a commitment to understanding the specific struggles that dealerships encounter in different regions. By hosting these town halls, TIADA aims to create a platform where local dealers can voice their concerns and share their experiences. This initiative underscores TIADA's dedication to facilitating a collaborative environment where dealerships can thrive.

Transitioning Together

One of the key topics of discussion during these town hall meetings will be the transition from paper temporary tags to metal tags. This transition represents a significant shift within the industry and necessitates open dialogue. TIADA recognizes the importance of this change and is keen on ensuring that dealers are well-informed and prepared for the transition. By inviting members of the Texas House of Representatives, various agency representatives, and Tax Assessor-Collectors as special guests, TIADA is fostering an environment where dealers can directly engage with the policymakers and authorities involved in this transition.

Legislative Insight

TIADA's focus on dealership concerns, especially at the legislative level, is at the heart of these town hall meetings. By inviting influential figures from the legislative and regulatory spheres, TIADA is providing dealers with a unique opportunity to express their opinions directly to the decision-makers. This direct line of communication is vital in shaping policies that are not only beneficial for the dealers but also for the broader community.

Your Voice Matters

TIADA wants every dealer to know that their voice matters. These town hall meetings are not just gatherings; they are forums where ideas are exchanged, concerns are addressed, and solutions are devised. By actively seeking input from dealers, TIADA is ensuring that the policies and regulations that shape the industry are representative of the challenges faced by those on the ground.
TIADA's road trip in October and November signifies a proactive approach toward addressing the unique struggles faced by dealerships across the state. By inviting key stakeholders, TIADA is fostering an environment of collaboration and understanding. Dealers are not just the backbone of the automobile industry; they are the driving force behind innovation and progress. TIADA's town hall meetings are a testament to their commitment to empowering dealers and ensuring a vibrant, thriving business landscape in Texas.


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