TIADA Seeks Dealer Input on Temp Tags and Other Legislative Issues

Last month we co-hosted, alongside the SAIADA Local Chapter, a dealer meeting and town hall event at the Manheim auto auction on June 28. Over 40 members attended the event. A big thank you to Manheim for hosting and Advantage Automotive Analytics for their sponsorship. The event provided an opportunity for dealers to provide input on the elimination of paper temporary tags and other significant legislative issues that emerged in this year's legislative session, and it continued a series of local events we have held this year and will continue to hold seeking dealer input on these important legislative issues.

The biggest change in this year's session involved the elimination of temporary tags. The new law will replace all paper tags with permanent metal tags, and the law goes into effect on January 1, 2025. You can access the full bill here, but there are some key takeaways that dealers should be aware of:

  • Car dealers will be required to issue metal license plates, from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, when a vehicle is sold.
  • Metal license plates will be issued instead of the current paper one-trip and 30-day temporary permits.
  • Dealers will be able to obtain, in advance, metal plates in order to sell vehicles "without an unreasonable disruption of business due to the unavailability of license plates."
  • TxDMV is tasked with establishing an expedited process, as well.
  • TxDMV has until Dec. 1, 2024 to come up with a rule to implement the change.

Dealers attending the event were treated to a complimentary BBQ luncheon. The highlight of the event was the presence of notable speakers who shared their insights and expertise on various legislative matters affecting the industry. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear from Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector Albert Uresti and TIADA's Executive Director John Frullo. The speakers came to provide a legislative update and to discuss some of the issues facing the independent automobile industry this year, including the elimination of temporary tags, the elimination of vehicle inspections, the defeat of the crusher bill, and curbing catalytic converter theft, among other issues.

The speakers eagerly engaged with the attendees, sharing valuable insights and providing updates on the latest policies impacting their businesses. The event not only offered important information but also created a networking opportunity for like-minded individuals within the industry.

TIADA will be closely monitoring the legislative changes, including those related to the elimination of temporary tags. Please contact the association with any questions or concerns about this and other legislative issues, and please stay tuned for future events that we will be holding around the state to hear from you in person.


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