TxDMV Now Requires Inspection Verification for Buyer Tags, Announces Temporary Tag Redesign

TxDMV has updated webDealer to disable the ability to print a buyer's tag without a valid inspection and announced the planned upcoming redesign of temporary tags. The webDealer system now automatically checks for a valid inspection. For more information on other aspects of the update, check out TxDMV's bulletin. This requirement aligns with TxDMV requirements for using a buyer's tag.

Inspections and Temporary Tags

If you run into a situation where you are selling a vehicle with an expired inspection, you will normally be able to issue a temporary tag as soon as the inspection is performed if the terminal is online and communicating appropriately. TxDMV has provided a chart that you can see here, showing the appropriate usage for various tags and the requirements for using each tag.

TIADA recognizes that there are times when it can be difficult to get an inspection and has been working on getting legislation introduced to extend the validity of a state inspection. Current law, Sec. 548.101, states, “the department shall require an annual inspection. The department shall set the periods of inspection and may make rules with respect to those periods. The rules must provide that...a used motor vehicle sold by a dealer, as defined by Section 503.001, must be inspected in the 180 days preceding the date the dealer sells the vehicle."

Redesigned Temporary Tags

In addition to the new verifications, TxDMV has announced it is introducing a new look for tags that are issued by licensed dealers. TxDMV sees this as the next step in the ongoing efforts of curtailing and preventing the fraudulent production of, access to, and use of temporary tags. TIADA believes this may help eliminate some of the “ghost tags” that result in dealers being asked to pay for toll charges created by people using fake temporary tags. For more information on the updates to temporary tags, please see their news release.

TIADA expects bills related to temporary tags to be introduced in this legislative session. During Session, TIADA will sort through all the bills to see which will impact dealers, and TIADA will monitor those bills. If you would like to help inform the legislature about the impact passing this bill would have on your business and other bills, please join TIADA for 2023 TIADA Day at the Capitol. Attendance is free, but you do need to register to reserve your place, and so that we can arrange the appropriate meetings with your corresponding legislators.


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