Dealers Working with Law Enforcement to Prevent Vehicle Fraud

The Houston Police Department's Auto Theft Division, Vehicle Fraud Unit has spent years building a coordinated effort by law enforcement and dealers to catch criminals in the act of committing fraud. The Unit has made over 110 arrests for frauds-in-progress since April 2018. It is a major initiative led by Sergeant Darren Schlosser, a crime prevention strategy that has saved over $5.2 million in fraud since they began tracking such cases.

Building a Network of Dealers and Law Enforcement to Combat Fraud

Despite the fact that the Vehicle Fraud Unit is comprised of only two personnel, they have been recognized by the Texas Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority (MVCPA) as leaders in the state for vehicle fraud prevention. Sgt. Darren Schlosser is currently involved in a comprehensive statewide strategy to teach other metroplexes about fraud prevention efforts around the state.
Vehicle fraud has become a serious problem in Texas and local police departments and dealers need to be equipped to handle the rise in crime. Sgt. Schlosser offers training sessions on nothing but vehicle fraud prevention and shows other cities how to replicate the successes his unit has had in Houston.
One of the most critical aspects of the program is the coordination between law enforcement and automobile dealers. This network of professionals has prevented dozens of frauds-in-progress, meaning law enforcement officials have been able to arrest dozens of criminals at the dealership while the crime was taking place.
“My goal is to do a partnership with dealerships and law enforcement to catch criminals,” says Sgt. Schlosser. In San Antonio, for example, Sgt. Schlosser trained 40 officers on fraud prevention techniques. Dealers also had the opportunity to meet officers at a luncheon to network and discuss how law enforcement and dealers can work together to prevent fraud. “Our success is attributed to partnerships with the police and local dealers. We have created an expanding network of trained dealers to teach their sales and finance staff members how to spot fraud.”
Sgt. Schlosser will be presenting at the 2022 TIADA Conference and Expo in Round Rock. In his session, he will train dealers on how to spot fake identification documents, counterfeit pay stubs, fabricated utility bills, and other fraudulent documentation. He will also include techniques to help address physical security at the dealership.
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