The Infrastructure Bill's Potential Impact on the Industry

The White House signed H.R.3684, commonly referred to as the Infrastructure Bill, into law on Monday, November 15, 2021. The engrossed bill totals over 1000 pages and features many different policy initiatives, including ones related to vehicles, roads, rails, broadband internet, and pipes.

A few notable elements of the bill related to vehicles and roads are as follows: 

  • Electric Vehicles 

  • - $7.5 billion to build electric vehicle charging stations across the nation 

  • - Study on the viable market opportunities for recycling, second-use and manufacturing of electric drive vehicle batteries in the United States 
    - Voluntary national motor vehicle per-mile user fee pilot program
     designed to restore and maintain the long-term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund

  • Recalls 

  • - Research related to recalls, specifically 

  • - Why vehicle owners do not have repairs performed for vehicles subject to open recalls; and 

  • - Whether engagement by third parties could increase the rate at which vehicle owners have repairs performed. 

  • Vehicle Safety Features and Studies 

  • - The Secretary of Transportation shall promulgate a rule  

  • - To establish minimum performance standards with respect to crash avoidance technology; and 

  • - To require that all passenger motor vehicles manufactured in the U.S. on or after a certain compliance date be equipped with a forward-collision warning system and automatic braking system that 

  • - Alerts the driver if:

  • - The distance to a vehicle ahead or an object in the path of travel ahead is closing too quickly and 

  • - A collision is imminent; and 
    - Automatically applies the brakes if the driver fails to do so

  • - Advanced Impaired Driving Technology 

  • - Not later than 3 years a final rule prescribing a Federal motor vehicle safety standard that requires motor vehicles manufactured after a certain date to be equipped with advanced drunk and impaired driving prevention technology 

  • - GAO report on Crash Dummies 

  • - A study to examine disparities caused by differing seating positions related to sex, age, and body weights 

  • - $350 million for a Wildlife Crossings Pilot Program, which would provide grants to states, tribes, local communities, federal agencies, and other land managers to fund the wildlife crossing construction and to improve habitat connectivity 

  • Rural Bridges 

  • - The bill establishes a rebuild rural bridges program to improve the safety and state of good repair of bridges in rural communities.


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