TIADA Visits San Antonio, Discusses Unfair Storage Fees

TIADA continued visiting local chapters this past week by attending the San Antonio chapter meeting at Manheim Auto Auction. The auction seemed quiet compared to the days prior to COVID, but according to everyone the auction is getting busier every week and things are starting to get back to normal.

A majority of the meeting was spent discussing unfair storage fees. TIADA's compliance consultation service often receives calls from dealers facing unfair storage charges from mechanics and body shops. The dealers in San Antonio, however, are facing a situation much worse than most dealers in the state, as they are dealing with unfair charges from the city itself.

In San Antonio, the city has contracted with a third party to run the city's impound yard. When dealers go to retrieve an impounded 
vehicle, they often face uncertain requirements, which sometimes include things such as a handwritten notarized note from their customerWithout the permission of the registered owner, dealers must contend with a city ordinance that requires a dealer to wait until a vehicle has “not been claimed by the owner after ten (10) days of impoundment (including the day the vehicle arrived at the storage facility) and after the mortgage note is thirty (30) days delinquent” [link here].


This ordinance is unfair, and TIADA is working with the dealers in San Antonio to fix this issue. So, if you are a dealer in San Antonio, TIADA asks that you: 

  1. document all your interactions with the storage yard; 
  2. reach out to other dealers including nonmembers and get them involved with TIADA; and 
  3. show up to the next chapter meeting where we will further discuss this problem. 


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