Texas Dealer, Tax Assessor-Collector Weigh In On Curbstoning

In a recent televised news story, Corpus Christi IADA chapter president, G.R. Moore...

In a recent televised news story, Corpus Christi IADA chapter president, G.R. Moore, along with Nueces County Tax Assessor-Collector Kevin Kieschnick chimed in on the illegal practice of curbstoning. 
Curbstoning is the illegal sale of used cars for profit, oftentimes by unlicensed dealers. Curbstoners will purchase a vehicle and then immediately resell it or “flip it” for a profit.
HB 2690, a bill backed by TIADA and passed in 2013, helped law enforcement address the practice of curbstoning, so why is it still an issue today? The bill essentially:
  1. Allows any peace officer in the state, regardless of location, to take action against a person who is engaged in business as a dealer without a license.
  2. When an officer has probable cause that a vehicle is being offered for sale by an unlicensed person, the officer can attach a notice to the vehicle stating that the vehicle may be towed in two hours if not removed.
  3. A vehicle that is not removed within the two-hour notice period may be towed and stored at a vehicle storage facility (VSF).
  4. Once notice has been attached, a peace officer may prevent the vehicle from being removed by the curbstoner unless the person provides evidence of ownership in the person's name.
“The passing of the bill in 2013 helped law enforcement to crack down on a longtime problem for the independent auto industry. This legislation was a game changer,” said TIADA Executive Director Jeff Martin.

More recently in 2019, TIADA members met with representatives of other states at the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association Annual Convention to discuss curbstoning—how to better inform state regulators about this issue and how to enforce applicable laws.
“The more we address this issue at the local level, the better the chance we have of tackling it together. Now that the law is on the books, enforcement is the next key step,” Martin said. “It's certainly great to see a local news station like KZTV take interest in this topic—thank you to TIADA member G.R. Moore and County Tax Assessor-Collector Kevin Kieschnick for shedding some light on this important issue,” added Martin.
 View the TV segment: “Curbstoning Costing State Millions in Lost Tax Revenue


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