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Major Change Coming Soon for Filing IRS Form 8300

It is essential for independent dealers to understand IRS Form 8300. Let's unravel the layers of this critical reporting requirement and equip you with the knowledge you need to stay compliant. Generally, if you're in a trade or business and receive more than $10,000 in cash in a single transaction or in related transactions, you must file Form 8300. As of January 1, 2024, there has been a significant change to the way you must file this form. This article explores what this form is, who must file, and the recent change to the law.


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Dealer Alert: Fraudulent Email Targeting Licensees at TxDMV

The email below is being sent to licensees at TxDMV. If you receive it, please do not respond and DELETE the email. It is NOT from TxDMV. If you have mistakenly responded, please contact your credit card company and consider canceling the card as well as notifying the credit bureau services:

1. Transunion             888-909-8872
2. Equifax                  800-685-1111
3. Experian                888-397-3742

You may also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, HERE as well as the TX AG’s office HERE.


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CFPB Files Lawsuit Against a BHPH Lender

A recent complaint filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) against an independent dealer's auto-loan servicer has sent ripples through the auto-lending landscape. This lawsuit alleges unlawful practices that have directly impacted borrowers with auto loans, including unauthorized utilization of GPS capabilities, flawed repossession processes, double-billing for collateral protection insurance, and failure to provide GAP refunds. It also demonstrates the CFPB’s increased focus on automotive lending. With this suit in mind, now would be a great time to review your best practices.


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New Law Protecting Lien Holders Goes into Effect September 1

TIADA often hears from BHPH dealers about frustrations with lienholders. In April, TIADA reported the introduction of HB 4142 by Texas Representative Ed Thompson (R—Pearland) after TIADA had a conversation with the Representative about the numerous frustrations BHPH dealers have with some insurance companies. After its introduction, TIADA worked with Rep. Thompson to help the bill through the legislative process.  


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Inventory Dynamics and Price Shifts in the Used Vehicle Market

The month of July 2023 saw significant trends that are shaping the automotive landscape. These insights not only impact independent dealers and consumers but also provide a broader view of the industry's trajectory.


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New Registration Fee for Electric Vehicles Begins September 1, 2023

Owners of electric vehicles in Texas will soon pay an additional fee when registering their vehicle. Senate Bill 505, passed by the Texas Legislature during the 88th Regular Session, adds a $200 annual fee for electric vehicle registration renewals and a $400 fee at the time of new electric vehicle purchases for the initial two-year registration period.


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Federal Trade Commission Announces Updated Advertising Guides to Combat Deceptive Reviews and Endorsements

The Federal Trade Commission announced in June it has finalized an updated version of its Endorsement Guides, which provide agency guidance to businesses and others to ensure that advertising using reviews or endorsements is truthful.


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Cox Automotive's Chief Economist Unveils Positive Outlook for the Automobile Market

At the 2023 TIADA Conference & Expo, attendees were treated to an enlightening keynote presentation by Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist at Cox Automotive. Smoke's address shed light on the current state of the automobile market and provided valuable insights into its promising future. Here are some of the key highlights from his captivating presentation:


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Unforgettable Moments at the 2023 TIADA Conference & Expo in San Antonio

The 2023 TIADA Conference & Expo took San Antonio by storm as one of the largest and most memorable gatherings in the association's history. Over 300 dealers, both seasoned attendees and first-timers, came together for nearly 30 hours of educational sessions led by industry leaders.


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