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On the Road with Executive Director Jeff Martin

Inventory, inventory, inventory…and a few other topics were discussed last week, as TIADA Executive Director Jeff Martin hit the road to visit with independent dealers across the state. “Visiting with our dealer members at their dealerships is my favorite thing to do. It’s where you really learn what’s going on in the industry and just how passionate our members are about taking care of their customers,” said Martin.

Requirements for Displaying a Vehicle Off-Premises

TIADA compliance consultation service recently received a call from a dealer considering purchasing a property a mile away because it had highway frontage. In contrast, their lot did not, and they wanted to use this property as a display area. After the call, the dealer is now considering using it as a storage lot because the Texas Administrative Code states a dealer display area must be “located at the retail dealer's business address or contiguous with the retail dealer's address,” but a noncontiguous storage lot is permissible.

Legislature Working to Combat Catalytic Converter Theft (HB 4110)

The Texas Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Economic Development held a hearing on Monday, June 13, 2022, on the implementation of HB 4110 and to discuss possible additional measures to combat catalytic converter theft. With catalytic converter theft hitting so many independent dealers, TIADA was there to ensure dealers' voices were heard. Senator Carol Alvarado is leading the charge in tackling this issue and has always been a great supporter of TIADA and independent dealers.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Advertising

Advertising is any oral, written, graphic, or pictorial statement made in the course of soliciting business. In Texas, TxDMV enforces automobile dealer compliance in advertising. TxDMV Director of Enforcement Division, Corrie Thompson, will review Advertising Dos and Don’ts at our annual conference. If you have not already booked your room, please do so soon, as our room block is quickly filling up. Here is a small sample of the numerous advertising violations that Director Thompson will cover during the Conference:  

What to Do When Your Customer Faces Financial Hardship

Independent dealers who finance in-house rely on relationships with their customers to build and maintain their businesses. Temporary or long-term financial hardships—such as a medical emergency, loss of employment, or major car repair—can cause customers to lapse or fall behind on their monthly automobile payments. It should be noted that lienholders are under no legal obligation to change their policies in the event of customer hardship. Still, there are practical business and ethical reasons they may choose to do so.

Sorting Out the Last Vote & Meeting Your Legislator

This year’s runoff election garnered more attention since so many statewide primary races were not decided in March.  Both the Republicans and the Democrats sent their candidates to a runoff for Attorney General. Ultimately Ken Paxton and Rochelle Garza prevailed and will face each other in the general election later this year. The Democrats needed a runoff to elect their party’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor and Comptroller. The Republicans had to vote one more time to get their final candidate for Railroad Commissioner.