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What the New Title Transfer Rules Mean for Texas Dealers

Senate Bill 876, which passed out of the 87th Legislative Session, cleared the way for dealers to transfer and register vehicles in any county in the state. TIADA worked hard to help SB 876 through the legislative process and had numerous conversations with members of the legislature in an effort to get relief for Texas dealers.

This is a law many dealers in Texas applauded hoping it would address some of the long lines and wait times at the tax office in their local counties. But, as always, there is more to the law than that. Before you trek out to a neighboring county, make sure you understand the entire law.

New Temp Tag Rules: How Will It Impact Dealers?

On February 10, 2022, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles adopted the much-anticipated new rules for how many temporary tags an automobile dealer will be allowed to issue annually. Here is some basic information you need to know as it relates to independent automobile dealers:

5 Ways to Protect Your Dealership from Winter Storm Hazards

Since many dealers are dealing with ice, I feel now is a good time to discuss what legal duties a landowner has to make their property safe to employees and customers.

TxDMV Board Passes Rules Related to Limiting Dealers Access to Temporary Tags

The long process involved in implementing HB 3927 is almost over, as the TxDMV passed rules on January 27th that will be effective once published. HB 3927 was signed into law on June 1, 2021, to deal with fraudulent temporary tags by allowing TxDMV to “establish the maximum number of temporary tags that a dealer or converter may obtain in a calendar year.”

TIADA ensured dealers’ voices were heard throughout the process. After HB 3927 was introduced, TIADA reached out to legislators to express our concerns about possible negative impacts on dealers and express our support for eliminating temporary tag abuse. After it passed, TIADA continued to work on HB 3927, starting with numerous members participating in hearings before rules were issued. Most recently, TIADA commented on proposed rules issued by TxDMV and testified before the TxDMV Board.