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Considerations When Working with Spanish Speaking Customers

Hispanic customers are one of the fastest growing demographics in Texas. Many of those customers rely on Spanish as their primary language. When dealing with Spanish speaking customers, dealers need to take appropriate steps to ensure compliance with state and federal laws.

Out of State Title Transfer

Out of state procedures differ slightly from the norm when a dealer sells a vehicle that will be leaving the state.  Handling titles, e-Tags, and taxes can be confusing, but dealers can benefit from learning to recognize the differences and train employees to handle these matters accordingly.

For retail out of state sales:
  1. Collect the MV tax or get the Comptroller’s exemption form 14-312 signed.
  2. Obtain the same ID you require for in state sales.
  3. Give the title paperwork to the buyer within 20 working days.
  4. For a retail sale, issue a buyer’s tag and collect the $5 e-tag fee.

Guide To Record Retention For Auto Dealers

You can rely on a reasonable record retention policy such as this one if you have thrown away records which are later requested of you.  However, in order to use the policy as a defense, you should exercise the policy and discard documents on a regular (at least yearly) basis.  Remember to shred any consumer or personal indentifying information.

Watch for Elaborate Over the Phone Debit Card Authorization Scam

A Central Texas Dealer was recently the victim of an elaborate scam that resulted in the theft of two vehicles worth over $30,000.

Texas DMV Announces Revised VTR 34

Make sure that you are using the (rev 0419 date) for your Application for a Certified Copy of Title(Form VTR-34) as it has been revised by TxDMV.