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TIADA Dealers Visit Washington D.C.

This week a TIADA delegation traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the NIADA National Policy Conference. The attendees also visited Capitol Hill where they met with members of Congress from Texas to discuss issues facing the industry.  

TIADA Dealer Recovers Stolen Car...2 Years Later!

Dealers are always on the lookout for thieves and scammers that try to buy cars via fraud. From using fake identification and pay stubs to bad or stolen checks, dealers have seen it all. Unfortunately, sometimes a dealer or a member of the staff will let their guard down allowing one of these scams to succeed. When one TIADA member in Central Texas realized his dealership fell victim to such a scam, he was certain he had seen his vehicle for the last time. Incredibly, that car was recovered by police, more than two years later. But before he could put the still valuable car back on the lot, he realized he needed TIADA’s help to cut through some government red tape. Read more about this incredible story and how the association was able to help him in this blog post. 

Tips for Spotting Document Fraud

Fraud impacts every Texas auto dealer. Potential customers show up with everything from fake IDs to counterfeit pay stubs to fabricated utility bills and much more! Now that stealing a car using a key is close to impossible, thieves have turned to “stealing” vehicles on the front end through auto financing. At this year's TIADA Annual Conference and Expo, representatives from Houston Police Department shared tips on how to spot document fraud with dealers at one of the most popular sessions. In this special blog post from HPD's Darren Schlosser, we revisit some of those tips.  

Four Things to Know Before Implementing a Customer Referral Program

Avid readers of the TIADA blog know that last month the TxDMV Board adopted new rules that allow an independent dealer to offer a customer referral program. So now that your creative juices are flowing, you might ask the question; what do I need to know before I implement my new customer referral program?

Should a Customer Sign the Buyer's Guide?

By Steve Levine
Ignite Consulting Partners

The recent Federal Trade Commission action against several dealers across the country for failing to follow Used Car Buyer’s Guide rule was an industry wake up call.  For compliant dealers, one of the questions faced is whether to have its customer sign the Buyer’s Guide. If dealers do choose to require this, they must make sure to follow additional FTC requirements.