How to Become an Independent Auto Dealer

If your goal is to open a car dealership in Texas, you've definitely come to the right place. Our online course is easy to use, affordable, and will provide all the information necessary to operate a successful car dealership.


Independent automotive dealers across the U.S. average gross profits of about $250,000 annually, according to the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association. But how do you get started in the business? What aspects of opening a car dealership do you need to know?


We have helped thousands of car dealers over the years. Many of them tell us they wish this course was available when they first opened their auto dealership. The topics covered in this course will help position you to make better business decisions toward a more profitable car dealership business in Texas. This course will save you the time, money and stress that comes with learning these things on your own. 


Our online How to Become an Independent Auto Dealer course is divided into four parts and can easily be taken in about a six hour period. The course costs only $149 and will cover critical information you’ll want to know as you open your car dealership business. Whether you’re still trying to determine if you want to become a car dealer, or you have already taken some of the steps to open your dealership, this course will help prepare you for all aspects of the business.


Section I – Getting Into the Automotive Business
  • Compliance for Independent Auto Dealers
  • Requirements for Auto Dealer Licensing
  • Forming Your Auto Dealership Business
Section II – Car Dealer Steps to Selling A Vehicle
  • Acquiring Inventory for your Car Dealership
  • Car Dealer Plates and Temp Tag Rules
  • Auto Auction Information for Car Dealers
Section III – Car Titles, Records & Vehicle Inventory Tax
  • How to Transfer Car Titles
  • Motor Vehicle Taxes
Section IV – OCCC, the Feds & More
  • Record Keeping Requirements for Auto Dealers
  • Federal Requirements for Auto Dealers

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