Awards & Scholarships

Awards will be presented at the 2024 TIADA Conference & Expo

Quality Dealer of the Year Award

The Texas Quality Dealer of the Year award is the highest honor awarded to a TIADA member each year. Nominees demonstrate exceptional business ethics, service to TIADA, good citizenship and service to the community. The TIADA winner will be eligible for the National Quality Dealer Award which will be presented at the NIADA Convention the next year.
There are five areas of criterion that are used in making this choice:
The nominee’s longevity in the automobile business. 
This would include membership in TIADA. We see this as a lead indicator of success.
The professionalism of the presentation to the committee. 
This shows a commitment to excellence and the ability to organize and display the information.
Is the candidate a “good dealer”?
Here we look at sales volume and customer loyalty. We also look at retention of employees.
Is the dealer a “good citizen”?
We look at community activities and the candidate’s involvement. 
Do his/her peers view the dealer as a leader?
We judge letters from vendors, other suppliers, and customers, as well as other reference letters. 

CLICK HERE to nominate a dealer before May 24, 2024. 

Independent Award

The Independent Award is given to an individual outside of the industry (ie. politicians; media members; non-industry supporters) who have gone above and beyond in their support of the industry showing a true independent spirit.


Marvin Norwood Scholarship

Deadline for entry: May 15, 2024

The TIADA Scholarship was established by the Board of Directors and is funded by the association. One applicant who is entering or currently enrolled in an accredited college or a trade school will be awarded this $1,000 annual scholarship. 
Criteria and Guidelines
1. Each applicant must be entering or currently enrolled in an accredited college or a trade school. Proof of enrollment must be included with this application.
2. Each applicant must provide a letter from their TIADA member sponsor that includes the sponsor’s address and Saturday phone number.
3. Each applicant must complete the application form.
4. A copy of high school transcripts is required for applicants who are college freshman. If applicant is currently enrolled, provide college transcripts with official university imprint. 
5. Provide a detailed description of participation in any academic, honorary, civic or extracurricular activities in college. In addition, a detailed description of high school activities is required from college freshmen along with a college acceptance letter.
6. Compose an essay of no more than two typed, double-spaced 8 ½” x 11” pages. The essay should discuss the applicant’s relationship with their TIADA scholarship sponsor, current education goals and future aspirations as it relates to the applicant’s subject/training area.
7. Provide at least two (but no more than three) letters of recommendation, no older than one year, from college/high school faculty, employers or other appropriate sources (not related).
8. Scholarship recipients shall be provided with $1000 in reimbursement based on receipts for any legitimate expense involving college or trade school tuition and educational materials.
CLICK HERE to download an application.

For questions about the scholarship or applications CLICK HERE.